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Over 56 Million Millenials

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Video Tracts

Send short and engaging films about Christ’s redemption to your friends, family, and co-workers to reach them with the gospel.

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Become more effective at sharing your faith with our resources that help you learn and apply biblical evangelism.

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If you have not committed your life to Christ, we want to help you get right with God and plug you into a local church.

Bringing the Gospel to an online and visual culture


Billion online videos are watched each month


Billion online videos are watched each year


% of all online activity is spent watching video


% of viewers remember video messages

Making A

Global Impact

With films seen in over 180 countries, Anchored North is having a powerful impact in spreading the gospel.

What I love about Anchored North is their heart to urgently use media to proclaim the gospel to a generation that desperately needs Christ.
Mark Spence
Finally! Creative, thoughtful, engaging, artistic and Biblically sound video production. Anchored North is precisely what the doctor ordered to remedy so much second-rate, theologically atrocious video production. Lost people are going to be found because of Anchored North.
Todd Friel
Anchored North are young, gifted, cutting-edge, prayerful, very passionate and they’re anchored in the Word - they have the necessary ingredients for an effective ministry.
Ray Comfort
Anchored North strikes while the iron is hot, and they always strike the right iron. They strike with precision, with passion, and with skillful and creative power for the glory of God!
Emeal Zwayne

We have the desire and passion to share the gospel with




God’s word saves and transforms lives to know Jesus Christ


We film people proclaiming Christ’s redemption


Then make God’s story accessible to millions via the internet


All to reach the lost with the Gospel right where they are at

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