God’s Faithfulness in 2019

God’s Faithfulness in 2019

Dear Ministry Friend,


One of the greatest privileges we have with Anchored North is looking back and seeing the providential hand of God. Journey with us through God’s goodness in 2019. We promise this is worth your time.


Addressing the Prosperity Gospel

At the beginning of 2019, God brought Anchored North to the front lines of fighting for doctrinal purity. We interviewed Costi W. Hinn about his testimony and personal experience with Benny Hinn Ministries. Please pray for this project to expose the dangers of the prosperity gospel and to reach this generation with the glorious realities of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. We anticipate this film to release in 2020.

Reaching Thousands upon Thousands in Israel with the Gospel

In early 2019, Anchored North launched the testimony film of Amir Tsarfati, an Israeli Jew who came to Christ. Upon release, we have been intermittently running YouTube pre-roll ads that target the entire nation of Israel. For those who don’t know, it is ILLEGAL for Christians to evangelize in Israel. However, using storytelling and media ads, we are able to reach thousands upon thousands of Jews, Muslims, and Palestinians with this all-important message: Jesus is the only hope for Israel!

New Virality Podcast Episodes

As more and more viral videos seek to lead our generation away from Christ, Anchored North launched a new podcast that educates Christians and calls these media producers to accountability. Here are some episodes we released in 2019:


  • Sex Workers Challenge Pastors
  • Man Mocks Jesus With Shocking Viral Videos
  • Do All Christians Think the Same?
  • Taylor Swift Portrays Christians as Ignorant Hicks


We have seen immense fruit as we break down the most viral videos from a Christian worldview.


Equipping Our Community with Live Webinars

Throughout the course of this past year, Anchored North hosted LIVE online events to equip our community with edifying Q & A and powerful evangelistic resources. These are the webinars we hosted in 2019:


  • Interview and LIVE Q & A with Emily Thomes on Biblical Sexuality
  • Premiere of Hear, O Israel and LIVE Q & A with Amir Tsarfati About Reaching Jews with the Gospel
  • Interview and LIVE Q & A with Pastor Dan Nah on Biblical Counseling and How the Bible Speaks to Life’s Hardest Issues
  • Premiere of Honest Discourse and LIVE Q & A with Anchored North About Reaching This Generation with the Gospel



Anchored North Heads to Seminary

This past summer, Greg & Briana with Anchored North moved to Louisville, KY, so that Greg could begin his studies with The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has already completed his first seminary where he:


  • Dived deeply into theology and the Scriptures
  • Gained insights into reaching our generation with the gospel
  • Made great contacts for the ministry

Launch of Honest Discourse

While working on episodes for the Virality podcast, we noticed that many of the videos that went viral featured authentic conversations between people with opposing worldviews. Many of these videos even featured Christians; however, the Christians who were featured were very unsettling in their answers. They traded Biblical truth for an applause and did not cling to the inspiration and authority of God’s Word. Because these videos are reaching millions, we created a similar format featuring SOLID Christians who give SOLID answers. God has tremendously blessed the launch of this new series. Our first two episodes were:


  • Are You Born Gay? LGBTQ VS Christian
  • Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice: Is Abortion Murder?

Personally Connecting with Our Community

In our desire to further equip this generation, we have begun creating Christian lifestyle/teaching videos from our co-founder, Greg. These online videos address trending topics with the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. Our first video released in 2019 and is titled What Happened to Kanye West?.


River Laney Reynosa Is Adopted!

This amazing little girl is officially a part of the Reynosa household and our Anchored North family. It was a long and emotional three years going through the foster-to-adopt experience, but God could not have been more gracious to David and Harmony (the amazing filmmakers behind Anchored North). We are so beyond blessed to have this spunky little girl in our lives. Her story is a powerful example of God’s great love for us that’s poured out on us by our adoption into His family.

Looking Ahead to 2020

Reflecting on these portraits of God’s grace, I believe this impact is only a taste of what God can do through this ministry as we seek His glory above all else.


This generation needs Christ-centered, authentic, excellently produced media more than ever.


Our culture is engaged in an ideological warfare, and the primary weapon is not radio, not public speaking, not even movies. It’s short, viral videos with messages that are pointed, emotionally-driven, and accessible to an entire world in a matter of seconds.


Through your support, you are providing this generation with the resources it needs to proclaim Christ.


Read this testimony from high school student Nathan to Anchored North:

“This is so awesome. I'm a senior in high school and a follower of Jesus Christ. These videos are so helpful because it addresses exactly the culture that is around me. Sins like homosexuality are being promoted by my own ‘Christian’ friends. I feel like pursuing them lovingly is something that God may have placed in my life. It's so hard for me to see my friends manipulate the word of God to fit their own desires. Not that I am any less of a sinner or superior to them, but this frightens me a great deal because the price is eternity. Anyways I just want to thank you for making the videos you do and sharing your testimony! I think your videos are something that the world so desperately needs to hear right now!”

Now we ask, will you support Anchored North in reaching this generation with the gospel? Our organization needs $6,010 a month to produce Honest Discourse and reach over 100,000 people every month with the gospel.


We firmly believe this is one of the most important projects of our generation, and we need to do all that we can to make sure that it’s a success. There is nothing like this, and your support will be a part of a historic series to lead many to Christ.


This funding will allow us to create more films that address more cultural issues and reach more souls with the life-changing hope of the gospel.


You can give as the Lord leads by going to this page to Sponsor Honest Discourse.


We kick off 2020 by releasing Stephen Bancarz’s testimony. It’s an exciting project to reach the New Age community with the gospel.


2020 projects also include:


  • Costi Hinn’s testimony release (reach the prosperity gospel community with the Biblical Jesus)
  • Honest Discourse Episode 3: Progressive Christian VS Conservative Christian: What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?
  • Honest Discourse Episode 4: Transgender Activist VS Ex-Transgender Christian: What Is Gender Identity?
  • More YouTube videos, webinars, and podcasts
  • Anchored North launching on Right Now Media


Thank you for partnering with us in ministry! Your prayers and financial support are God’s provided resources to helping us reach over 450,000 views in 2019.


May God bless your continued faithfulness to Him in 2020 and beyond.


The Anchored North Team


P.S. Don’t forget: they’re only one gospel presentation away…


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