God’s Faithfulness in 2018

God’s Faithfulness in 2018

Dear Ministry Friend,


One of the greatest privileges I have with Anchored North is looking back and seeing the providential hand of God. Journey with me through God’s goodness in 2018. I promise this is worth your time.


The Gospel Goes Viral

Beginning this year, God brought Anchored North to the front lines of cultural warfare. Our latest film about homosexuality and Christ’s redemption, “Love Is Love,” reached over 2.5 million views. The film struck a chord with this generation, and its impact continues to transform lives by shining the hope of the gospel into a sexually-idolatrous culture.

Emily Thomes Testimony

Will You Give Christ Everything? 

The Lord guided Anchored North to Thailand to fellowship with Christian media missionaries all over the world. There were over 63 countries represented, and the conference left its mark on me as I was brought to tears listening to stories of these Christian missionaries and the sacrifices they are making for the cause of Christ. This trip challenged me with this truth and question: Christ gave me all of Himself. Will I give Him all of myself?


LIVE Text & Chat Partnership with NEED HIM

When you have videos reaching millions of people, the subsequent challenge is follow-up and local church discipleship. One of the most exciting aspects of 2018 is our partnership with NEED HIM. Through this partnership, we have been able to provide live chat/text opportunities for viewers who want to ask questions, be reinforced with the gospel, and connect with a local, biblically-based church in their area.


New Age Movement

Anchored North filmed the testimony of Steven Bancarz, a former New Age influencer with millions of followers. God radically transformed Steven’s life, and now he serves as an apologist equipping Christians to discern the New Age movement that is taking the West and its churches by storm. We look forward to releasing this film in 2019.


Christ Is the Messiah

Our team made it to Israel to film the testimony of Amir Tsarfati, a Jew who came to Christ and now encourages others to do likewise. Walking where Jesus walked, listening to the faithfulness of God to Israel, and seeing the land where Christ will one day return was a life-changing experience that our team will never forget. Being in this historic country gave us an emboldened resolution to proclaim one single message to the world (especially Jews): Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Savior of the world!

The Unbelievable Story of an Ecstasy User

Mid-2018, Anchored North released the testimony of Pastor Jeff Durbin. This is a much-needed film that calls out narcotics as a false “savior” to our generation, promising temporary joy and pleasure. Durbin’s testimony also challenges this generation to stop focusing on RECOVERY and to start focusing on REDEMPTION – reinforcing that turning from drugs may change your behavior, but it will not change the heart or make one right before God. Jesus Christ must do that. To date, this film has over 300,000 views combined on Facebook and YouTube.


Anchored North LIVE Trainings

In my desire to further equip this generation, I have begun recurring LIVE online trainings known as Evangelism Power Hour. These online events have featured guest interviews that have addressed the topics of refuting prosperity gospel, watching movies with a Christian perspective, ministering to drug communities, using Facebook to share the gospel, reaching Millennials, and much, much more. We have an exciting lineup of LIVE training topics in 2019.


The VIRALITY Podcast

As more and more viral videos are published by secular media companies to discredit Christianity, David and I desired to launch a podcast that educates Christians and calls these media producers to accountability. We are three episodes in and have already seen immense fruit as we break down the most viral videos from a Christian worldview. New episodes are coming in 2019.


Cutting-Edge Media Campaigns

The Lord has uniquely gifted our team with both excellent production skills AND online marketing promotion. Using these gifts, Anchored North has used 2018 to promote gospel-centric films as targeted ads in the feeds of non-believers in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This is an amazing resource that very few organizations are leveraging for the Kingdom; we are dedicated to using it even more while the opportunity exists!


I Got My Amazing Wife!

If you’ve seen past Christmas photos from Anchored North, you’ve noticed that I have been perpetually third-wheeling with David and Harmony. Well, those days are gone because I HAVE A WIFE NOW! And let me tell you what: Apart from salvation, Briana is God’s greatest gift to me. Her prayers and presence strengthen me more than words can express. Through her, God has lit a fire in me to get even more serious about reaching this generation with the gospel.

Looking Ahead to 2019

Reflecting on these portraits of God’s grace, I believe this impact is only a taste of what God can do through this ministry as we seek His glory above all else.


This generation needs Christ-centered, authentic, excellently produced media more than ever.


Our culture is engaged in an ideological warfare, and the primary weapon is not radio, it’s not public speaking, it’s not even movies. It’s short, viral videos with messages that are pointed, emotionally-driven, and accessible to an entire world in a matter of seconds.


Through your support, you are providing this generation the resources it needs to proclaim Christ.


Read this testimony from high school student Nathan to Anchored North:

“This is so awesome. I'm a senior in high school and a follower of Jesus Christ. These videos are so helpful because it addresses exactly the culture that is around me. Sins like homosexuality are being promoted by my own ‘Christian’ friends. I feel like pursuing them lovingly is something that God may have placed in my life. It's so hard for me to see my friends manipulate the word of God to fit their own desires. Not that I am any less of a sinner or superior to them, but this frightens me a great deal because the price is eternity. Anyways I just want to thank you for making the videos you do and sharing your testimony! I think your videos are something that the world so desperately needs to hear right now!”

Now I ask, will you support Anchored North in reaching this generation with the gospel? Our organization finished 2018 with an operating budget of $40,000. I would love to see this budget increase to $100,000 in 2019.


This increase will allow us to create more films that address more cultural issues and reach more souls with the life-changing hope of the gospel.


You can give as the Lord leads by going to anchorednorth.org/donate.


We kick off January 2019 by filming Costi Hinn’s testimony (nephew of Benny Hinn). It’s an exciting project to reach the prosperity gospel community with the biblical Jesus.


Thank you for partnering with us in ministry! Your prayers and financial support are God’s provided resources to helping us reach over 2 million people this year.


May God bless your continued faithfulness to Him in 2019 and beyond.


Greg & Briana Sukert, David & Harmony Reynosa

The Anchored North Team


P.S. Don’t forget: they’re only one gospel presentation away…


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