What Are Video Tracts?

What Are Video Tracts?

Gospel tracts are traditionally short booklets that present the need for Jesus Christ to readers in a digestible format. The goal is to intrigue and challenge individuals to repent and believe in Christ for salvation in a way that is easily understood. With the same goal in mind, Anchored North has revolutionized this concept and brought it into the realm of video and online media.

We film people’s testimonies and make them freely accessible, so that they may be used as an evangelical tool to start a conversation about Jesus Christ with a friend, family member, or co-worker. We call them video tracts because of their immense ability to reach someone with the gospel in a bold and clear way.

Anchored North has been blessed with gifts in filmmaking and storytelling to create video tracts that are impactful because of their ability to:


1. Engage the viewer.

Each video is short (on average under 5 minutes) and purposefully crafted with cinematic music, audio, visuals, and storytelling to grip the human heart, so that the message of Christ’s redemption might be watched in its entirety.


2. Educate the viewer.

When a story is being crafted for release, we take great care to make sure each video tract is full of God’s truth so that our viewers watch a relatable story about someone else’s testimony and learn about their need for Christ and His redemption.


3. Evangelize the viewer.

Anchored North’s goal is evangelism. The whole purpose behind telling a story about human depravity and Christ’s redemption is so that viewers can see the most joyful gift ever offered to mankind and be encouraged to seek truth and believe in Christ for salvation in their lives.

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