Wedding Features Ministry

Wedding Features Ministry

Amanda and Matt’s wedding was coming up and they wanted to keep their significant day centered on the significant Savior. They found out about Anchored North and were so moved by this movement to reach the lost through media that they decided to do something special. If you’ve ever attended a wedding, there is a good chance that you didn’t walk away empty handed. From baskets embedded with the couple’s name to hipster mason jars, most brides and grooms send their attendees home with a gift to remember their special day.


When the guests showed up to Amanda and Matt’s wedding on October 24, 2015, they were given a gift that shocked them and revealed the couple’s devoutness to the Lord Jesus Christ.


On every table was a thank you card that read, “In recognition of your love and support, we have made a donation to Anchored North, an organization committed to creating films which share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Rather than having sugar treats, glass jars, or rustic décor as favors on the reception tables, Amanda and Matt desired to proclaim their love and devotion to Christ to their one-hundred plus attendees… half of them were non-believers.


We thought this was a creative idea to use a momentous day to take a stand for Christ. Let this inspire you to keep Jesus as the number one focus of your life, and please pray that these guests will watch our video tracts and hear the truth of the gospel.

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