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When you sponsor a campaign with Anchored North, you commission an evangelistic revival on today’s most visited internet platforms. We’ve all seen that sponsored video in our Facebook NewsFeed or that pre-roll video that we can’t skip until the second countdown is finished on YouTube. Now it’s time to partner with Anchored North to use these advertising features to reach people with the gospel. The partnership is simple: we create the testimony videos and you sponsor them to reach the lost. As a result of your sponsorship, Facebook, YouTube and other go-to communication platforms of billions suddenly experience something they’ve never experienced before—an outburst of testimonies exalting the name of Jesus Christ! This is a unique evangelistic opportunity that has never existed until now.


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Reach thousands with the gospel

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Each sponsor gets a summary of the impact they had from their campaign, such as the amount of people reached and responses from viewers.


Why are you promoting testimonies and not sermons?

We believe storytelling has been the universal language of the human heart since the dawn of time. Testimonies are proclamations of God’s glorious salvation, and the Bible regularly calls God’s children to give testimony (1 John 5:11; Psalm 66:5; Psalm 119:111; Mark 5:19; Revelation 12:11). Many even came to believe in Jesus because of a testimony (John 4:39).

Through the use of storytelling and uncompromised Biblical truth, we’ve seen viewers become powerfully drawn into testimonies and come to place their faith in Christ.

Why are you advertising using Facebook, Google, and other online platforms?

Evangelists throughout history have always been known to bring the gospel to where the people are at. In this day and age, over 4 billion people are undeniably spending hours a day on the Internet. God gifted our team with skills in online advertising and filmmaking, and it is our responsibility as stewards of these gifts to advance the Kingdom of God. Using these tools, we can urgently reach people with the gospel unlike ever before. To neglect these online mediums is to neglect one of the greatest evangelistic opportunities in history.

Facebook video ads also “autoplay” in the NewsFeed while YouTube video ads require viewers to watch the pre-roll before their video starts, making this a sure way to draw lost souls into the cinematic story about Christ’s redemption.

Where does my sponsorship go?

Part of the sponsorship goes to Anchored North to cover the resources for launching/managing the campaign. The other part goes to online advertising platforms so that the video tract is brought to lost souls on social media and other mediums.

What are you able to track with my sponsorship?

At the end of your evangelistic campaign, we’ll give you a summary report of the amount of unique individuals reached, the amount of video views, total impressions, and notable comments from people who were exposed to it.

How can you guarantee that my sponsorship will reach lost souls?

Facebook and Google are very powerful advertising mediums that allow you to target people who are interested in almost every topic possible, such as homosexuality, abortion, atheism, pornography, other world religions, etc. Facebook and Google can’t report on “saved viewers” and “unsaved viewers,” but if we are running a campaign to people who follow “Planned Parenthood” or “Islam,” we think it’s safe to say that we’re most likely reaching the latter.

What if Facebook or Google shuts down my campaign?

Many of the world’s greatest evangelists know what it’s like to be hindered from proclaiming the gospel. With highly sensitive topics, such as homosexuality, it’s possible that Facebook may shut down the video from being promoted due to “offensive content.” Even though all of our videos are personal stories, we live in a generation where people take offense to anything being called sin. Unfortunately, Facebook and Google are entities in the private sector and can shut down promotions as they see fit. If this happens, we will notify you with alternatives.

All that to say, it is incredibly important that you PRAY with our team at the launch of the campaign. Pray that:

  • The campaign will not be shut down and that the gospel will go forth with clarity.
  • Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms will not deem Christian content as “hate speech.”
  • Viewers will watch the gospel-centric video put before them in its entirety.
  • Viewers will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.