July 2016 Evangelism

July 2016 Evangelism

What if I told you that Anchored North is reaching fans of Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations with the gospel? Our video tract, I Forgave My Rapist, was created to proclaim Christ’s redemption to a culture that believes abortion is okay, especially in circumstances of rape. This month, we are using it to reach people who desperately need Christ…people who support the killing of the innocent.


One of the most powerful tools on the internet is the ability to target exact types of people. For example, on Facebook, most people have their profile filled out with their age, work information, favorite movies, life events, and pages they like. Take a look at the pages one of my non-Christian friends on Facebook follows:

The crazy thing is, Facebook allows advertisers to promote content to fans of almost every page. This means that we can send our videos to a portion of Planned Parenthood’s 424,000+ followers (or all of them with the right budget!). Take a look at some of the organizations and their fans we are targeting:

Additionally, we can also EXCLUDE people with certain interests, meaning that if a person has expressed on their profile an interest in “Christianity” we can set up the campaign to exclude them so they do not see the post in their News Feed. Since we are really trying to reach the lost with this campaign, we excluded anyone with expressed interests in any of the following:


  1. Bible
  2. Christianity
  3. Faith
  4. God
  5. Jesus


Facebook doesn’t have the ability to only target those who are Born Again and exclude those who are not…only God knows that! However, targeting fans of pro-choice organizations who do not have Christianity tied to their profile gives quite a bit of confidence that this audience does not have a Biblical Worldview and needs the gospel. This is what the video will look like in their News Feed:

Pretty neat, right?! Please pray for those who will see the gospel during this campaign. If you’d like to support more campaigns like this, please consider donating here.


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