Digital Evangelism

A Powerful Way to Reach Your Community

Works Like Street Evangelism

Find people within reach of your church

You can reach people around the corner from your church building, as if you were going to the closest mall outlets to hand out gospel tracts. Anchored North will target your church location and everyone online within a 30-mile radius. We will even estimate the amount of people you will reach throughout the evangelism campaign.

Proclaim the gospel to people who aren’t searching for God

Just like you would approach a student on a university campus to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, digital evangelism allows you to reach people who aren’t necessarily seeking for information pertaining to their existence and eternity. We use Facebook to push evangelistic content to people’s newsfeed, present their need for Christ, and encourage them to visit your church.

Bring Christ to people who may never enter a church

7 out of 10 unchurched people have never been invited to church. Sadly, many of these people may not even have the opportunity to be invited or be reached with the gospel because they spend so much time in front of a computer. With over 3 billion current internet users, these unreached individuals will not hear the gospel, if churches do not step in. Anchored North’s digital evangelism program enables local churches to actively reach the internet users around the corner from their buildings with the message of Christ’s redemption.

Better than a Gospel Tract

Video is the most powerful storytelling medium

Each church’s digital evangelism page is equipped with an Anchored North video tract. The videos are short (on average under 5 minutes) and purposefully crafted with cinematic visuals, authenticity, and emotional storytelling to grip the human heart so that the message of Christ’s redemption might be engaged on a deeper level than possible with any other medium.

Reach mass amounts of people quickly

There are currently 1.6 billion online video viewers. Depending on the location of your church, you can reach anywhere from 50,000 – 4,000,000 people near your church building with the gospel. It would take years to reach this many people through street evangelism or open-air preaching. Life is short, eternity is long, and there is an urgency to reach the lost with the gospel. Through media and the internet, you can reach them virtually overnight.

Track every response

Handing out gospel tracts and doing direct mail to reach your community is a noble cause; however, don’t you wish you could see how many people read them or come to your church building because of them? With our digital evangelism partner program, you can track every person reached, every click, every view, and every response to your church.

Evangelize the lost 24/7

Every Christian is called to evangelism, but we’ve never had the ability to reach a wide array of people during any hour of the day, until now. Because people are online during every minute of a 24-hour rotation, you can engage in the Great Commission and build God’s church, unlike ever before.

Discipleship is the focus

If you give someone a gospel tract and walk away, you may have participated in evangelism, but you haven’t participated in discipleship. Most gospel tracts and street evangelists do not direct those they are reaching to a local church. We want this to change because we believe that the local church is essential to discipleship. Every digital evangelism campaign and tract is focused on reaching the lost with the gospel and plugging them into a local church, so that God is glorified by the building of His church.

Return on Investment

Obeying the Great Commission

Time is short and everyone who has not had their sins forgiven by God will be righteously given hell on the day of judgement (Romans 2:8). This biblical truth should stir up passion in our hearts to quickly and regularly proclaim Christ’s redemption to the multitudes with boldness, clarity, and conviction.

New church members

Throughout church history, evangelists have been critical soldiers of Christ to reach the lost and build the church. If you want membership growth to happen in the church God has called you to, you need to cultivate a spirit of evangelism. Anchored North’s digital evangelism program allows you to reach your community in a powerful way and increase your congregation where God’s Word is being proclaimed.

Expectation of future tithing

Evangelism has its benefits even from a financial perspective. As churches faithfully evangelize, preach the Bible, and add members to its body, those members give back to God through their giving to the local church. Every new member added is a potential financial supporter of God’s ministry through your local church.

Exclusivity to your location

Should you decide to partner with Anchored North in our digital evangelism program, you are granted exclusivity to your area. This means that we will not sign on another church within a 30-mile radius of your church building.

Church Partner Requirements

Agree with Anchored North’s statement of faith

In order to be in ministry together, your church must be in agreeance with Anchored North’s statement of faith pertaining to the preaching of the gospel, the ordinances of the church, and church discipline.

Have someone in place to receive these contacts

If you already have someone in your church who processes new members, you are already equipped to start handling new contacts that come in through email. If you do not have someone in place and are unable to process submissions sent to you within 24 hours, we do not recommend that you engage in this program.

Be willing to provide occasional feedback

Anchored North seeks to have personal relationships with each of the churches we partner with in evangelism. Thus, our ministry will occasionally check in with your church to ask how many people brought to the church through our program have been retained and continued to grow in a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why do we do church partnerships?